You've got to have a vision.

December 18, 2019
December 18, 2019 admin

Your vision has to be bigger than you and bigger than your fears.

“Everyone has a dream and vision for their future. But what are you doing to make sure it comes true? Most times a vision is just a vision, it’s just something you want in the future. Following your dream and keeping your vision in focus, that’s the tricky part,” mentions Gavin Walsh, CEO & Founder of Just Do More. As human beings, all we have are our dreams to keep us afloat in this world. In the darkest times to the brightest ones, your vision is what keeps you going further and pushing through any challenge that approaches you. According to Lewis Howes on his SoundCloud podcast, “Envision without Evidence.” He mentions that vision without evidence is the strongest form of self-belief you can have. Howes talks about his vision when he was financially unstable, living with family, and just emotionally down about everything going on. We understand that this mentality takes a toll on certain individuals. So much so, that they forget their dreams and drown in a dark hole.


Howes mentions, “We don’t have evidence of our dreams that it should happen. We get to put the vision and place and couple them together through momentum. That’s what’s going to build evidence overtime. That momentum is going to increase our belief that our vision is possible. That our vision can be real one day.” This is one of the strongest self-beliefs you can have. “Howes mentions that majority of the individuals get held back because of societal factors, like ‘what are people going to think etc.,’ this is something that should not affect your ability to reach your goal because it’s what you want for yourself — no one else matters,” says Gavin Walsh of Just Do More. Being committed to your vision is the number one thing that’s going to make it happen. Your vision has to be bigger than you, bigger than your fears, bigger than anything you could possibly be in your current state. That’s how you should value your dream to be reached one day.


At Just Do More, our environment encourages healthy goal setting strategies and our crew are visionaries. They make sure to follow what they believe and with confidence anything is possible. Howes also mentions, “This is the question I have asked myself for years. It’s what has fueled me through dark times and huge successes. And it’s still what fuels me today — serving everyone I possibly can in becoming the best versions of themselves. Here’s the truth: the world needs us to live up to the greatness inside of us. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any evidence yet of what those are. You still get to dream big and go for it.” “The key to living and succeeding it following your vision no matter what goes on around you. Even if it takes you years, keep going because this is what you have for yourself and it will be worthwhile when you get through it,” says Gavin Walsh of Just Do More.


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  1. De'Aaron Williams

    Needed this today read it prior but it gives me hope for the future.

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